Monday, August 29, 2016



DAVPP will soon launch an English Language
Lab for the students...

There was an introductory session for the

 English teachers on this

useful software on 27 August 2016..

There are different features of language lab, which make 

the students to have interactive session. It provides 

equal opportunity to all the students to hear the 

instructor irrespective of place where they are seated. 

 It also provides the privacy that encourages the shy 

students to speak without any hesitation. In addition 

instructor can speak to individual or group of students 

in privacy without interrupting rest of class. Language 

labs motivate students to talk freely and lose the 

shyness when talking in front of their friends. 

 Furthermore, it develops the listening and 

communication skills, since they hear correct 

pronunciation through their headphones. Learner will 

show more enthusiasm and excitement in learning 

lesson because of learning lab system.... This set up 

fosters more interactive session between students and 

teacher. The language lab brings variety in teaching 

learning process. The student’s progress can also be 

monitored regularly so that teacher can provide 

feedback based on individual pace and ability. Finally,

 the students can learn the lesson at their own pace thus

 allowing the classroom as student-centered approach...



To keep the parents up to date about the performance of 
their ward a Parent Teacher Meeting was held on 27
 AUGUST  2016 .....
 The parents actively participated and interacted with the 
teachers. Suggestions and feedback were taken from the
 parents and the school will look forward to incorporating
 them into the curriculum.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

House system @dldavpp. ...

Classes 4 to 6..
The house system is an effective instrument for the personality development of the students. The school has established 5 houses....
among which the entire student population is distributed. ..
The houses have house staff and captains and believe in delegating responsibilities among students to develop a sense of responsibility. ..a spirit of healthy competition n an atmosphere of friendly maturity. ..
The main thrust of such house activities is to promote development of balanced. ..harmonious personality of the students including physical. ..practical. ..asthetic. ..moral n intellectual aspects. ..

House. ..MODESTY 
Incharge. .Ms.Seema Manoj 
Project. ..Waste Management 
The students under this project collected waste things like..paper..plastic bottles. .etc ...and gave them for recycling. ..

23 August 2016

A rejuvenating yoga n meditation session for students of class VI

Friday, August 19, 2016

17 AUGUST 2016 

The first round for the selection of teams for INTER CLASS G.K. QUIZ was conducted in the classes VI A - VI H .
Two students from each house were selected for the second round.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

11 AUGUST 2016

70th INDEPENDENCE DAY celebrated with a patriotic fervour ...